3 Reasons which reflect not to buy Spotify plays

Every artist wants to grow their fans by nature, which shows that the audience has a keen interest in your editing. Most of the artist on Spotify wants original fans rather than buying plays. In this article, you get some knowledge about why people avoid the buying of Spotify plays? There are some reasons which reflect that not to buy them.

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Fake fans may not provide real support

•    It is a good thing that you want promotion on releasing two different songs, but they may not get the same result.

•    By the way, the result depends on the plays, if your fake fans may not give you the effect then why you have to spend money on them.

   Account banned

  • In most of the time if you have a large number of fans but you are not getting the result according to supporters.
  • Through this, the distributors have the right to block your account.
  • So, think about it if you are doing hard work, and in return, you are getting nothing.
  • That’s why it is worth to buy cheap Spotify plays.

Spot fake fans

  • If any plays service says you that they deliver a specific amount of plays at the time.
  • You are not supposed to trust on them because they make it just for a short time of duration.
  • You have to check then regular and observe that they are decreasing day by day.

Thus, these are some reasons which show that buying Spotify plays is not suitable for our account. Those artists who buy these fake fans they have to face some problems. Moreover, this leads to losing their official Spotify account. Try to avoid these things and do hard work for getting real fans.