What is the difference between Standard mail and temporary mail?

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Standard mails can be defined as the primary mails of the uses. They use this mail for the function of financial or other essential activities. Temporary emails refer to mail that is provided to users for completing the various task, and they can be kept unused after the limited period. They prevent users from spammers and other malware activities. Temporary emails are the most effective and efficient that can be used by users.

Various points of comparison between temporary and primary mails

Hides Identity

The best thing about temporary mail is that they protect privacy from getting it known by the other people whom you do not want to share any personal data. While standard email includes your name or date of birth. Your IP address will be protected when you will operate from the temp mail. The privacy is one of the significant factor desired by the individuals, and if temporary mail is providing you this opportunity, you should opt for that.


 When you register for the standard email, you have to fill your data such as name, phone no. and some other details. While it is not required in the temporary email registration as the primary motive is to protect the privacy of the individuals. The temp email gets vanished after the 1 hour of its use while the standard mails cannot be deleted permanently.

Versatile to use

The temporary mails are very convenient and clear to manage as they compare to the standard mail because they contain several features which are not included in the temporary mails. It all depends on you whether you want to store the data or delete in standard mails, but the data of temporary mails are deleted automatically once your task has been completed.

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